How does the USPS Mail forwarding work?

USPS or United States Postal Service is an independent mailing company of the US government that provides mail services such as delivering mails, receiving mails, and mail forwarding service in the whole US. Recent 2021 updates state that it has more than 500k career employees and 136k non-career employees working under this organization. USPS mail forwarding services include two options when it comes to urgent tasks and the receiver wants the mail to be sent to a different address then they can use the following services.

mail forwarding

  • Regular Forward Mail
  • Premium Forwarding Service Residential

Regular Forward Mail

This is a basic mail forwarding service which is also a feasible option, either you are making a long-term move or only changing your location temporarily. The USPS mail forwarding system will send the mail to your new given address, even if you have received it at a previous location. It takes some days to reach to new mail address. You can pick up this option if it works best for you. But the service puts a $1 hold on the credit card for identity verification purposes if you choose the online mode. In that case, it will automatically deduct the money and after some verification steps, your mail will be forwarded to your new preferable location.

 Premium Forwarding Service Residential

There comes the alternative option in the US mail forwarding system. With the Premium mail forwarding USPS service, you can get the mail on weekly basis. Like the post office holds your mails, packages and delivers them to your new address without any delay. People choose this option for urgent work only. As regular forward mail takes nearly 15 days or more than that to forward the mail but it takes only 7 days. Now, talking about the fee in Premium Forwarding Service, it nearly costs more than regular mail and the cost is $19.35 to enroll via online mode and $21.10 in person. This cost is just for verification purposes plus there’s a $21.10 fee for opting for the weekly delivery.

What are the advantages of Premium Forwarding Service?

Regular forward mail is free of cost but if you have a busy life and can’t stand being late for work then you can choose the other option. It is will cost you some money but it will be worth it because you just have to pay on weekly basis. And you can also choose to opt-out for free if you don’t want to continue with the premium option anymore.

How to enroll in the US mail forwarding service?

Well, once you decide which option suits you best then there is not much of a procedure left you just need to enroll for that option. If you are opting for online mode then you don’t have to go anywhere. Let us suppose you opted for Premium Forwarding Service, then you just need to create a USPS account and fill in all the necessary details there. In case you opted for Regular Mail forward then you need to complete the Change ‘Address Request Form’

If you are filling the Change Address Form then make sure to select the address either ‘Temporary’ or ‘Permanent’ as per your preference and according to your situation. Post filling out the form you will receive the confirmation code and further you can cancel or extend your service too. The executive will need to confirm the code so make sure to keep that code somewhere safe.

How long does mail forwarding last?

This is a very common question asked by people because everyone has a busy schedule and wants things to be done on time. So to answer this question, we have researched and found out that the USPS mail forwarding system typically takes about as short as two weeks and it lasts up to 12 months.


USPS mail forwarding services are a great start if you’re moving to a new location doesn’t matter if it is temporary or permanent because getting mails from someone is a great feeling. But keep in mind that forwarding your mail with USPS only affects mail deliveries through the US postal service and not the FedEx (other private mailing service). Also, USPS mail forwarding only lasts for one year only. So make sure to opt for the best option available as per your Requirements because getting mails or regular option is best for non-business emails but if you are doing a lot of work and mails are the major source of receiving and sending data then opt for Premium forwarding mail option to get the best use of it.

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